Long time no see guys!

We are excited to announce this year’s Fall concert where we’ll be sharing the screen with some of RIT’a incredibly talented a cappella groups!

It’s been in immensely challenging semester for all of us but hopefully you’ll join us this Friday at 8 p.m. as we share our music with you!

Much love, 🎱❤️

(p.s. stay tuned for some more news coming to you soon 👀)
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Introducing... Troy Church!

Age: 18

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Merrimack, New Hampshire

Major: Imaging Science

Unique Factoid: “The ONLY sports I do are curling and ultimate frisbee.”

Troy is a freshman at RIT, and when asked what animal he would want to be for a day, he said he would LOVE to be a Tardigrade (look it up it’s pretty cool!)

Troy likes to take some time to be mellow and relaxed, so he break out his guitar to play. However he also builds mildly frustrating circuits on an Arduino or reads “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by Neil Degrasse Tyson in his dorm room.

With someone who is dynamic in his spare time and detailed in his day-to-day, we couldn’t see a better fitting member!

Join us in welcoming to the 8beat family! 🎱
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Introducing... Gavriel Miles!

Age: 21

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

Major: BSMS Game Design & Development

Favorite food: Matzoh ball soup

Unique Factoid: “I’ve had open heart surgery and open knee surgery! (Yes I’m taking bets for what it’ll be next)”

Gavriel is a 4th year Game Design and Development major at RIT. He is super passionate about gaming and is certain he’ll be able to start an 8beat D&D campaign sometime in the near future.

Gav spends a lot of time beatboxing so you may catch him doing a lip trill or two when he’s around. He’s a compassionate individual who’s work ethic and personality is recognized in the RIT A Cappella community.

Please help us in welcoming Gav into the 8beat family!

We are virtually featured in this year’s Rochester Fringe Festival! To check out our performance go to
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We’re so happy to be featured on the VOICES ONLY 2020 VOL. 2 tracklist!

Check out our newest album “Identity” for the featured song on this tracklist as well as other awesome songs!Voices Only is very proud to announce the VOICES ONLY 2020, VOL. 2 tracklist!

1) Home Alone - Exit 245
2) Hit & Run - State Of Fifths
3) Shatter - The Vassar Devils
4) Lose You To Love Me - OneVoice
5) Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Profecy A Cappella
6) Keeping Your Head Up - The Boston University Treblemakers
7) One - Doox of Yale
8) Breathe - Distilled Harmony
9) Faith - Business Casual
10) IT Guy (ft. Chris Harrison) - Docacappella
11) Green Light with 00000 Million - AA Skyline Blues
12) Woman (Oh Mama) - GQ
13) Magnets - Acasola
14) No Home Without You - POSTYR
15) Stronger Than I've Ever Been - Soundproof (Kansas City A Cappella, SoundProof)
16) How High The Moon - Highline Vocal Jazz
17) Winter Bird / Albela Sajan - Maize Mirchi
18) Jason's Song (Gave It Away) - Off The Beat
19) Hollow - RIT Eight Beat Measure
20) The End of All Things - UML Hawkapella

Congrats to all the groups selected! With a record number of submissions, this year's album was as difficult as ever to put together.

The album will be available to purchase and stream very soon!
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Tonight is the second to last night of meet the members! Come hang with Andrew, Jim, and Quincy! Dm us for the meeting info!

Tonight we have not 1, but 2 members of the Eight Beat leadership team hosting! Same link as before. Dm us for the password!

Quincy and Sam are hosting tonight, but please enjoy this photo of Scott! Meeting at the same link as before. DM us for the password!

Tonight we have Jon and Noah as the hosts for the meet and greet! Here is the meeting Id: . Dm us for the password!

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