Open for TTBB singers (Tenor, Baritones, and Basses)


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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Audition Video

  1. Find and use the best quality microphone you can use. If nothing else is available, a laptop or phone mic is fine.
  2. Loosen up! We want to see you at your best, we love singing and we want to find people who love it too.
  3. Introduce yourself! Tell us about what makes you interested in music. Talk about your experiences in music if applicable.
  4. Warm up by singing on a comfortable vowel starting at a comfortable note for you and singing a major scale up to the 5th (So) and back down to the 1st (Do). Then, start again a half step up from where you started before. Repeat this until you can’t sing any higher. Then, start at a comfortable note again and sing down to a fifth on the major scale (starting from So and going to Do). Then, start again a half-step down from where you started last time, and repeat until you can’t sing any lower. You may change your vowel at any time during this to sing your best, and you may use a tuner to center your pitch at the start of each run.
  5. Sing at least the verse and chorus of a song of your choice. It should feature the best qualities of your voice, and most of all be fun for you to sing by yourself. Have fun! A performance is best when the singer is invested in what they’re doing.
  6. The video may be up to 5 minutes long in total. If you go over time, try shortening your solo or introduction.

Here’s an example