Richard Toro

Rich Toro Eight Beat MeasureMajor:  Chemical Engineering
RIT Year:  5
Eight Beat Year:  5

Richard was born on November the Fourth of the year Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Four.  He was born on the North Shore of Long Island, but resided in Brooklyn for six years, until moving to a quaint little town named Monroe.  Richard has been singing since he came out of his mother’s womb, and played the viola up until his Senior year of high school when he felt Chamber Orchestra was below him.  He was in Voice Ensemble for three years, All-County Chorus for six years, a high school a cappella group for one year, Chamber Orchestra for two years, and All-County Orchestra for five years.  Richard is also an avid sports fan, and has played football for many years.  His accent is one from Brooklyn, and he “tawlks” like there is no tomorrow.  He loves to sing, and people love to hear his magnificent Tenor I voice.  Some say his voice is like a mix between Fergie and Jesus.  Richard would like to thank God and his parents for his voice, incredible looks, awesome facial hair, and talent.  He would also like to have a shout to the many friends he has made through his journey.  Richard stands amongst others as an A Cappella God, and a musical genius.


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