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About Eight Beat Measure

Hailing from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Eight Beat Measure is the original all-male a cappella group on campus. Eight Beat Measure began in 1987 as the RIT Men’s Octet. Originally faculty-lead and formed as an extension to the RIT Singers, Eight Beat quickly expanded their horizons and branched into the world of contemporary a cappella, changing their name to Eight Beat Measure to reflect the new attitude, and expanding from only 8 members. The group currently sings hip-hop to rock and Celtic to pop, so there is something for everyone in their repertoire. They have traveled to Boston, Long Island, Connecticut, Michigan, North Carolina and everywhere in between.¬†With a new look, a new CD, and a new attitude, Eight Beat continues to raise the heat for their audience. Be prepared for the future of Eight Beat Measure!! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have!



We want to congratulate Daniel Boaitey and Zack Worden on becoming the newest members of Eight Beat Measure!  

Kickstarter Launched!

We are super excited to launch our Kickstarter to finish the funding for our new R&B album, “Polarized”! Please watch the video and click the link below to learn how…

2015 New Guys

We want to welcome Joel Beckwith, Derek Gieraltowski, Marc McClure, David Michels, and Joe Race to Eight Beat Measure!

2014 New Guys

We want to congratulate Brandon LaFever, Jared Raish, and Collin Van Laeken on becoming the newest members of Eight Beat Measure!

Meet the New Guys

We would like to make a shout out to our four new members for Fall 2013: Randy Duke, Deshawn Cervi, Brad Hartwig, and Andrew Lanos. Congrats! Welcome to the brotherhood!

2013 Auditions

Are you a dude? Do you go to RIT? Wanna be a rockstar? Join our line-up! INFO NIGHT TUESDAY: AUDITIONS THURSDAY:


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